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Bow downtown

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So I see a picture like this and hey, it’s good, well-composed, nice exposure. But check out the recipe:

Nikon D300 with Soligor 28mm f/2.0 lens and Hoya R72 filter. Allien[sic] Skin Exposure 2 simulation of Kodak HIE IR film, including grain and halation. I totally ignored the red channel and used roughly a 50/50 mix of the blue and green channels. The clouds had better contrast in this way.

That’s a lot of effort to replicate/simulate a specific type of film. I’d like to see something that digital cameras can do that film cameras can’t. A D300 is about a grand. The glass couple hundred more, plus some computer hardware and time.

You could also do this with a roll of IR film on a cheap film camera. The lens is of marginal importance as you have to stop way down with this stuff anyway. You get to be the exposure controls. So a high-end camera is of no benefit.

This starts to sound like Mac vs PC where the best a PC user could come up with was “it’s just as good” while forgetting how much time and additional components/ expenses it took to get there.



Leaving: the first of the geese leaving Norway for warmer climes.

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Yikes, I’m not ready to think about that. I guess we have a few weeks yet. I suppose I can give up waiting for a decent summer.

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The Poor Man explains it all to you.