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Monthly Archive August, 2008


August 31, 2008

crossing Originally uploaded by thespeak. This was made with a wooden box, a piece of thin plastic coated with an emulsion of gelatin and magic pixie dust (heck, I don’t know how they make color film), and a few seconds of time, maybe 30 . . . oh, and the experience and expertise of the […]

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adsense, if there is any

Just checked AdSense and it looks like my recent increase in traffic (daily volume has doubled since July) means my daily ad revenue has tripled+ — from 15¢ to 50¢. At $15 and change per month, it’s not even covering bandwidth costs, but perhaps it does encourage me to try boiling some stuff that worksâ„¢ […]

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could this be any easier?

August 30, 2008

Talking Points Memo | How The Obama Camp Should Respond: Just as John McCain bought his ad time for right after Obama’s speech last night, they should get their own for right after Palin. And here’s the ad: A one-minute spot featuring Hillary Clinton herself, talking to the camera and laying into Palin on the […]

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the triumph of hope over experience?

What do you call nostalgia for a past that never existed? In 1984, they simply swept the unwanted bits into the memory hole and didn’t replace them. TBogg » Losing my religion : Not wishing to see Rod [Dreher] make a fool of himself, which is like asking him to not pray or breathe, reader […]

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