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why does John McCain hate America?

Talk To Action | Reclaiming Citizenship, History, and Faith:

There is no statewide elected leader, either as governor or U.S. Senator, that has more extreme right wing, violence-prone associations that Sarah Palin. John McCain has asked us to endorse her, but even if the ticket fails this time, he has elevated her to a contending position for the 2012, energizing and empowering the extreme right in the process. No wonder that even some informed elements of the Republican Party are abandoning him.

Why else would he drag someone like this out from under rock into national prominence? Read the whole thing: I don’t know if I believe there are active secessionists in 30 states, but if half that number are more than committees of correspondence or groups of emotionally-stunted RISK addicts, that can’t be good.


If Opie’s for Obama . . .

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Well, that’s good to know

With the July 2007 release of the revised statement by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, no remaining scientific body of national or international standing is known to reject the basic findings of human influence on recent climate.[46]

[From Scientific opinion on climate change – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]

This of course excludes amateur climatologists of all stripes, varieties, and kinds.



Emily Post, please pickup the white courtesy phone

So when your neighbor calls to let you know they will be away for a couple of weeks on their annual elk hunt, how should a sympathetic vegetarian respond? “Good luck” seems to be counter to my beliefs. “Have fun” less so, but still not good.