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Monthly Archive November, 2008


November 25, 2008

On November 10, 2008 we said goodbye to Phillip Dean Hardwick. He was born a month before I graduated from high school?! I asked one of the guys at the World’s Greatest Hardware Tool Store after I saw the notice on the door. His reply, slow in coming and in a thickened voice: “Don’t mess […]

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stock taking

How many of these free web services are worth even 1¢? Which ones can’t you live without? Here’s one I never use . .

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Want Sandy? Tough. She’s quitting.

Users of the popular (10,000 users or so) reminder/organization service will have to go back to pen, paper, and forgetting pretty soon. Today marks a fork in the road for this particular startup. Values of n, the company behind Stikkit and I Want Sandy, will be closing its doors. Both services will going offline at […]

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compare and contrast

November 22, 2008

[edited to clean up flu or whatever-related quality issues] 1. The so-called welfare queen who drives a Cadillac to the food stamp office. Assume she owns it, needs it to get around, and selling it means she has to find some other way to get around, to look for opportunities or look after her family. […]

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