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Monthly Archive October, 2010


October 9, 2010

What if schools/districts could deny service to kids they were unequipped for or just didn’t want to deal with? That boy who can’t stop his mouth, no matter what consequences are applied? Send him home. The girl who never follows any of the instructions and chats with her friends, dragging their performance down as well? […]

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Root causes

October 8, 2010

A veteran educator with 25 years of service shared some thoughts on student achievement with me the other day. As in many large cities, there are differences in socioeconomic status and educational attainment across the city. Here, we have a North/South divide: northend schools historically outperform their southend counterparts, just as the northern half of […]

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speaking of testing

October 7, 2010

More MAP today. Very frustrating as the infrastructure seems to have been rolled out without any performance/scalability testing. Five and six year olds are generally not blessed with a lot of patience and when they are removed from their routine, their classroom, and made to sit in front of unfamiliar equipment which doesn’t work, they’re […]

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high-tech or high-touch

October 5, 2010

Today was the beginning of MAP testing which is not really testing but since the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress®) is a replacement for the loathed WASL old names die hard. So picture two dozen kindergarteners/1st graders seated at desks with laptops, mice, and headphones. Some of them had never sat in front of a […]

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