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Monthly Archive May, 2012

On trickle-down economics

May 25, 2012

Anyone who isn’t an acolyte of Reagan, Rand, Hayek or Friedman knows that getting money into circulation is the key: money is the lifeblood of an economy and it needs to be moving around. My example is to imagine putting $1000 in the pocket of a guy who makes $20k vs one who makes $100k. […]

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If business acumen is what’s needed, why not find a real businessman?

May 24, 2012

We hear a lot about the desirability of business acumen for elected officials, as if the provision of government services is responsive to market forces or has something like a profit motive. Actually, being a success in business has nothing at all to do with running a responsive government of any size, let alone the […]

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Income inequality, as seen from space

Last week, I wrote about how urban trees—or the lack thereof—can reveal income inequality. After writing that article, I was curious, could I actually see income inequality from space? It turned out to be easier than I expected.. Herewith, some from my own life: Where I live now: Where I lived during my high schools […]

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May 21, 2012

Not that anyone will notice but I had to remove all the old comments (after dumping the database to preserve them). They had become linked to different posts than the ones they had been associated with and no longer made any sense. I suspect I broke all that when I cleared out a raft of […]

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