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Monthly Archive October, 2012

Time Capsule wish list

October 8, 2012

After my PSU replacement/hacking issues, I have been looking into what else can be done with this long-out-of-warranty beast, assuming the cooling issues are resolved, 5 generations on. internal file copying/manipulation, meaning if I copy files from one disk to another, for archiving or to move a sparseimage to a different disk, the copying is […]

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Hardware hacking: Time Capsule PSU failure.

October 7, 2012

My 1st generation Apple Time Capsule failed last night, specifically the power supply unit overheated for the final time. Frustrating, as the device does a lot of work, between handling the dsl connection, routing wired and wireless traffic, and backups. After reading over my options here, here, and here, I ended up hacking in an […]

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