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Anthony Mantova Embarrasses President Bush:

Paul Beard of Seattle got the top spot in the Eureka Reporter’s Letters to the Editor today:

Dear Editor,

Patrick Bell complains that a recent column, written by a former paratrooper, was “unhinged” in its criticism of a young war supporter who refuses to serve in a war he supports. Bell suggests Mr. Ash “should put his life on the line to support his view — and volunteer to be a human shield in Iraq, Iran or North Korea.” What Bell fails to realize is that Mr. Ash has been a human shield — for all of us here at home. He has been in harm’s way and understandably hopes that others who value a strong America would follow his example.

It’s easy to cheer for a war that someone else will fight: for someone who works for something called the Leadership Institute to refuse to lead by example tells me what kind of leader or soldier they would make. Perhaps that’s why Anthony Mantova and his fellow cheerleaders are steering clear of the recruiter’s office; they realize they don’t have what it takes. But I think they should give it a try, basic training might be the making of them.

I don’t support this poorly-planned and miserably-managed war, but unlike those who do, I’m not going to attack former or active duty troops. That seems to be one of the key differences: love the war, disparage and short-change the troops vs oppose the war but support improved armor/equipment and medical services for them.