it could be called work

I had this idea 30+ years ago

A new emerging concept known as hybrid solar lighting may offer an effective way of routing daylight deep into buildings. Using parabolic reflectors, direct sunlight can be concentrated on a smaller mirror which after removing most of the Infra red component (which can be extracted as electricity), reflects a very focused beam of visible light on to the end of a optical fibre bundle. This cooled beam of concentrated full spectrum natural light can then be routed into the interior of buildings for illumination. The hybrid design allows this additional lighting source to be mixed with back up lighting to create a dynamic system that always maximises the amount of natural light fed into the building.

[From Solar Power | Green Energy Jobs Career Guide]

Maybe not for task lighting but an easy win for hallways or ambient lighting.

I can recall when the idea came to me, around 1982, as I was walking along a corridor in an apartment/condo building in Florida. There were no windows but there were small wall sconces that radiated heat as I passed them. Perhaps it was the realization that there was all this heat and light outdoors, surrounding this air-conditioned darkness.