Link Congressional Pay to the Minimum Wage Petition


To: The President and Congress of the United States

  • Whereas, the members of the United States Congress already earn more than thirty (30) times the federally mandated minimum wage and are in a position required to vote against pay raises that would otherwise be automatic;
  • Whereas, the opportunity to serve in the United States Congress is a privilege that should be its own reward;

We, the undersigned, propose a Constitutional Amendment linking Congressional Pay to the federal minimum wage, with Congress members to be paid no more than ten (10) times the amount of someone earning the minimum wage for a full year (or 2000 hours).


[From Link Congressional Pay to the Minimum Wage Petition]

I wish I could recall when I posted the original petition, probably 2002/03. More to the point, I would like to have gotten the idea into wider circulation, even though it has zero chance of becoming law. It’s not meant to answer a question but to question the answers we think we know and understand. Public service shouldn’t make anyone rich: ideally it’s a balance between obligation and being a volunteer: one can live on the compensation but not make a living at it. My thoughts on how we could more fairly finance elections come from the same idea of public service in the modern age.

Jan 6, 2011

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