When two extremes bump into each other

What is about libertarianism that makes it so unique to the US? It’s like a bacterium that can only exists in an environment of prosperity but like so many parasites, it will kill its host. I grow more convinced that libertarianism and communism have more in common than their adherents will admit. Both are based on a flawed premise (that people are either selfless and industrious or rational and well-informed) and both systems need a functioning state as their foundation. Neither can successfully build an economy (see China’s free-market reforms as proof they realized that when the USSR didn’t). Is there a more clear definition of a parasite?

And they share the age-old refrain, that their pet philosophy has never been proven not to work, it has just never been done properly. It never occurs to them that human nature prevents either from working as imagined. But humanity is never the first and foremost concern of these reformers, though I would give the communists a slight edge. Marx’s ideals were driven by his concern for how working people were being exploited though power corrupted those ideals, as it will do. Libertarians were seen as Classical Liberals, full of Enlightenment-based fervor, but now seem more concerned about the abuses suffered by markets than the people who work in them.

Just what the world needs: more anti-social misanthropes building a future around themselves.

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