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annals of egregious parking

February 11, 2007

You think that’s anywhere near 30 feet from the stop sign? More like three. Jerk.

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beating the system

November 11, 2004

I have been having some issues with darwinports, the open source package/port management system for Darwin/OS X. I am more familiar with the FreeBSD ports system and have worked out some coping strategies for when things don’t go well (thankfully, it doesn’t happen often). So I had a port get stuck in such way that […]

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Sharing holiday gift ideas

November 6, 2004

Do you have any favorite children’s gifts your children have received or been given? Any timeless ideas you’d like to share? If you have come across something really good, please leave it a comment on this page. Please tell us the name, a description, where you found it, and what age child it would be […]

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paying your way II

November 3, 2004

well, it didn’t take long to find the information I wanted. How read this chart: find your state see if it’s red or blue (you probably know) check to see if the final column is a positive or negative number. If it’s a negative number, you lose: you’re giving away more than your get, in […]

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