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Orders from the General

The General has a mission for all patriotic Americans and their legally registered household staff:

WA Utilities Commission seeks public comment on NSA spying:

My inner Frenchman is forcing me to post the following letter he received from the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission. He says that it’s very important that citizens of Washington State submit comments. My inner Frenchman knows how these things work. The more comments the Commission gets, the more pressure they’ll feel to do something.

Follow the rules and submit valid comments. Pay special attention to the question about WAC 480-120-202. Make a persuasive argument that it applies.

Read on for more details. If the General — or his notorious inner Frenchman — thinks this is worth your time, it is.

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killing trackback spam

WordPress Trackback Patch (1.22) by Elliott Back:

Since I’ve been getting a half-dozen trackback spam or more per day, I decide to code up the following to prevent botnets from placing trackback onto my blog.

I’ll give it a try. I don’t care that much about trackbacks but it will be interesting to see if his methods work.

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pot, meet kettle

Wikipedia and the social construction of knowledge:

On Saturday, Dave Winer noticed that his name had been elided from the Wikipedia’s page about podcasting. He wrote:

How is Wikipedia going to prevent from this from happening again? That’s a serious issue. It’s not the first time it’s happened. This is why I’ve never been a strong advocate of Wikipedia. [Scripting News: People with erasers]

There is no way that Wikipedia can prevent such things from happening. But the mechanisms it has evolved to deal with them are fascinating and worthy of study.

But yet, Dave Winer has always felt fine about editing his own remarks as soon as someone calls him on anything. Note: not updating or refining his viewpoint, but tossing an earlier statement down the memory hole to spike someone else’s argument.

Sweet irony that he would be edited out of Wikipedia . . . .

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a look at AdSense

I have wanted to get rid of the AdSense strip for a while now, but I’m in a bit of a cleft stick: I’m just over halfway to the payment point (Google only sends payment when you reach a certain threshold: in my case, it’s in the very low 3 figures — as low as one can get). To quit now means adding that pittance to their engorged market capitalization ($77 billion, as of this writing). I need it more than they do.

But as soon as that target is met, I’m inclined to take it down.

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