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encumbered time

July 16, 2012

One of the many things parenthood doesn’t prepare you for is the notion of encumbered time. The word “encumber” is usually associated with a burden but that’s not the sense in which I am using it. The concept of an encumbrance I have in mind is how it’s used in government financials, where an amount […]

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day trip

February 21, 2005

We were invited to spend some time up on the Stillaguamish today, so off we went. It was cold and clear, still some snow on the ground. One of the highlights was one of the children in the party finding a steelhead redd, filled with fry but buried under mud and too high above the […]

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My local library gets RSS

January 12, 2005

There have some homebrew ways of doing this, but their reliability suffered: if the library made a change to how they presented or managed their data, it could break any user-generated hacks. The Seattle Public Library: Library News Release Detail: With the new Horizon system, patrons will notice a number of improvements, including Improved search […]

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have I mentioned how educational WikiPedia can be?

September 14, 2004

Main Page – Wikipedia: Today’s featured articleThe Holy Prepuce (or Holy Foreskin) is one of the various relics purported to be associated with Jesus Christ. This was never mentioned in any discussion I can recall about Holy Relics. The odd bone, perhaps a fragment of the True Cross[1], that was about it. fn1. Definition of […]

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