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WPBlacklist problems

My WordPress Stuff:

I have installed WPBlacklist but it isn’t working! What’s wrong? This might be due to any of the following reasons:

1. Have you activated the WPBlacklist plugin from the Plugins panel on the WP Administration screen? If not, you need to activate the WPBlacklist plugin.

2. Do you get PHP errors when you try to post a test comment but your comment appears anyway? In this case, you might have certain entries in your blacklist which are not regular expression safe. Usually, this happens when you have an entry in your blacklist with a “/” not preceded by a “”. So, all you need to do is search your blacklist for such entries and either edit them so that each “/” is preceded by a “” or delete the entry altogether. This happens particularly in the case of URLs where you have “http://” – which should read as “http://” to be regular expression safe.

Yesterday and earlier today, I was having some problems with comments: the comment would be posted but the person leaving the comment would get an error screen: it seems that somehow the blacklist had fallen victim to the item (2) above. I ended up dumping my whole blacklist (emptying the table) and repopulating it. Kind of annoying since the most likely way for stuff to be added is via the plugin or the publicly available blacklists.

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the halo effect

Latest Business News and Financial Information |

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster raised his 12-month price target to $100 from $52, citing a survey conducted by his firm showing that Apple’s popular iPod digital music players are helping boost sales of its signature Macintosh computers.

Another analyst, Robert Cihra, of Fulcrum Global Partners, also boosted his price target, although less dramatically, in a separate research note to clients. He set a new target of $65, up from $53.

[ . . . ]

In a note to clients, Munster wrote that a Piper Jaffray survey of 200 iPod users in the United States found that 6 percent were formerly PC users who had bought a Macintosh computer after their purchase of an iPod.

Another 7 percent of those surveyed said they planned to buy a Macintosh, according to the survey.

Customer satisfaction with the digital music player also was very high, Munster said.

“We believe that the remarkable satisfaction with the iPod creates a word-of-mouth wildfire that generates new customer interest in Apple products,” he wrote.

Munster has an “outperform” rating on the stock.

People like what works.

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what man-made event killed 25,000 Europeans in 2003?

25,000 people on one continent as a result of a man-made activity.

What was it?

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the unresponsive nature of monopolies

[IP] It seems that even "secure" financial transactions with InternetExp:

[An exploit that uses IE] watches for HTTPS (secure) access to URLs of several dozen banking and financial sites in multiple countries. When an outbound HTTPS connection is made to such a URL, the BHO then grabs any outbound POST/GET data from within IE before it is encrypted by SSL. When it captures data, it creates an outbound HTTP connection to and feeds the captured data to the script found at that location.
There are only two choices left with IE: Either don’t browse the web with it, or don’t use it for financial transactions.

The post goes on to list the URLs for Opera, Mozilla, and Firefox as options for Windows users.

This is really bad. All the effort spent building trust in secure transactions and the security of an online marketplace is at risk. And of course the well-crafted Windows EULA disclaims any responsibility for any harm or loss stemming from the use of their products. I wonder how this affects websites who may lose trade as a result of people opting out of shopping online?