analog->digital conversion

analog -> digital conversion

GramoFile Home Page

GramoFile is a computer program, running under the Linux operating system (and some other UNIX-like OSses — and even DOS/Windows now!), with the main goal of putting the sound of for example gramophone records on CDs. It is able to record hours of CD quality music, split long sound files in separate tracks, and remove ticks and pops from recordings.

I finally got this working. The pesky indecipherable symbols on the sound card had me fumbling around with trial and guess to connect the turntable up. That and trying to work out how those hieroglyphics translated to what xmixer was telling me about I/O sources took far too much time. But now it works and it sounds fantastic.

Some of my Christmas gifts are going to be CDs made from old vinyl records (all under the doctrine of Fair Use, of course). It’s going to fun to hear some of those old sounds again.