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more home-brew photography

March 31, 2006

Should I make the bellows myself or buy a bellows?: That is the question. I have been pondering large format images but realize I have zero interest in working with sheet film. So the next best thing is a large format camera with a roll-film back. And since all that works out to is a […]

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December 30, 2005

I stumbled onto this site thanks to Kottke, and it made me lust terribly for a pinhole camera of my own. This looks like a great way to get into large format photography without a lot of expense. There’s something eerie about how time — the long exposures — makes people invisible. I also found […]

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quoted without comment

Health insurance and the paradox of choice: Health insurance and the paradox of choice It’s that time of year again, when we get to change health care plans. There’s nothing like spending a day trying to figure out whether a 90/70 PPO plan with a $500 deductible and 80% home health care is better than […]

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Friday Random Ten: when did I last hear some of this? edition

My Back Pages / Byrds / We Were Both Wrong / Dave Edmunds / Repeat When Necessary I Hope You’re Happy Now / Elvis Costello / The Very Best Of Elvis Costello (Disc 2) Flesh Number One (Beatle Dennis) / Robyn Hitchcock / Globe of Frogs Point Of No Return / Elvis Costello / Spike […]

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