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Make your own.

So look at the posters and send us your suggestions below. [From Arianna Huffington: A HuffPost Project: Posterizing the Modern GOP – Politics on The Huffington Post]


And the winner of the ‘Not My Job!’ Award for November goes to …

I bet it’s a finalist for the 2006 award.


Thanks for sending it, Steve.

freecycling observations

Seattle’s Critical Mass gets famous

Someone used to search for images of people behaving drunk and found my rant about cyclists behaving badly.

Excellent. First result, too.
<update> Curiously, the same page shows up if you search for “pictures of people on crank” though not as prominently.


she said it

Devil Titty:

They’re almost inevitably prudes who believe our bodies are to be secreted away lest Jesus weep, but if the Almighty had a problem with women getting their tits out in public, then he would have put our nipples on our thumbs.

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I read some of the quotes on this when the story came out a day or two ago. I like that image — the baby’s eyes are wonderful — but overall, the picture has an Erotic Value of 0. Anyone who thinks someone’s gonna get a rise out of that, so to speak, Has Issues.