learning from my mistakes

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learning from my mistakes

omnibus, I got run over by the

Well, let’s see. I lost the drive in my laptop, again, and the backup regime I had been using when it crashed previously 18 months ago was not quite as comprehensive this time. So there was some data loss. Most preferences and history stuff, environmental details. Still annoying.

Since the iBook is out of warranty, it was time to make my own attempt at repairing the damage. A 60Gb drive from Outpost was $65. The odds and ends of tools I needed was $10 more or so. And it was about 90 minutes or so to do the job. I used the instructions and visual aids here. I needed the small hex driver, a couple of Torx drivers (don’t know why I didn’t just get a set all at once), and I picked up a couple of plastic putty knives for spudgers. Worked just fine.

I chose a 60Gb 5400 rpm drive, as it seemed to hit a good price point without getting too big. An 80 Gb drive might have been a good choice, but 60 doubles what I have been used to. And it’s faster and quieter (though warmer, too).

Irritatingly, I didn’t check the drive before I bought it so I chose a Toshiba based on the 5 year warranty. The drive(s) that failed were also Toshibas but they don’t honor warranties on OEM equipment. I would have bought from someone else, had I known.

So that’s pretty well sorted. A lot of screws involved and I have a couple left over (as did the last guy who repaired this thing). But it’s definitely screwed together.

learning from my mistakes

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learning from my mistakes

never trust someone who doesn’t know what they’re selling

The myth of grass-fed beef | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist:

Me: Hi, do you have any grass-fed beef?
Butcher: Hmm, grass-fed? I don’t think you can feed grass to cows.
Me: Well, they’re ruminant animals, so I think that’s what they’re supposed to eat.
Butcher: [sympathetic-but-authoritative head shake] I don’t think so. They need vitamins and minerals and stuff.
Me: Uh …
Butcher: Now this [points down at large, marbled slab in meat case], this is corn-fed beef.
Me: Yeah, well, um, thanks anyway.

The comments are hilarious.