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Mr Toad has nothing on me


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Shot through the windshield while driving under the Mercer Island Lid.

manufactory observations

is the word “Kafka-esque” over-used yet?

I would like to see the TSA regs that specify the permitted quantities of baby food:

Two doctors — a married couple — were flying with their kids from Chicago to Manchest NH. Given the record delays, snows, etc, they brought along a bunch of extra baby-food. When they got to the TSA checkpoint, the government stole their children’s food, saying that if they wanted to bring that much food past the checkpoint, they’d need a letter from a doctor. So — being doctors — they offered to write the letter. No, the TSA said, you need a letter from a different doctor.

According to Dr. Soni, the T.S.A. officers said they would need a “doctor’s note” to bring on all of the food. He said he pointed out that he and his wife were doctors, and then offered to get a pediatrician colleague on the phone…

The T.S.A. officers confiscated some of the food. “They divided it up. They took a jar of prunes and one of bananas, and I think a bottle of formula,” he said.

Link (via Consumerist)

[From TSA steals food from doctors’ infant children]


SOLD: Fuji Absolute Road Bike, medium size, 2004, less than 20 miles

Fuji Absolute Road Bike, medium size, 2004, less than 20 miles:

This is a great ride that isn’t getting ridden: far too nice to collect dust, so here’s hoping Craigslist helps it find a home.
 7G Ev Ekxl36Yj216B6Oyo7Ail5Vguict2

Two very nice young ladies just came by, test rode it, and will be out racking up the miles.