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File under: more money than sense

October 15, 2010

Why I should care about what a guy who went to private school (Lakeside) then dropped out of harvard thinks about public schools eludes me. Bill Gates thinks he can replace dedicated, committed passionate teachers with DVDs? That all kids are motivated and ready to learn from such a sterile medium? Diane Ravitch (@DianeRavitch) 10/14/10 9:18 […]

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October 9, 2010

What if schools/districts could deny service to kids they were unequipped for or just didn’t want to deal with? That boy who can’t stop his mouth, no matter what consequences are applied? Send him home. The girl who never follows any of the instructions and chats with her friends, dragging their performance down as well? […]

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Nothing like it, apparently

July 23, 2009

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quote of the day

June 20, 2009

[I]f you set out to raise children, that’s exactly what you end up with — children in adult bodies, with the judgment and mental capacity of elementary-school kids. The goal should be to raise functional adults who will be capable of taking care of themselves when you’re no longer available to do it for them. […]

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