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tap tap. Is this thing on?

December 22, 2013

Test of posting to Google+ from my own site. If I posted here as much as I do on G+ I might have an audience. Works.

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Barack Obama as the last President of the United States?

July 21, 2013

With his own claims to originalism fading fast, Scalia suggests liberal judicial activism, practiced by some of colleagues on the Court, is part of what brought about the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. The speech was an address to the Utah State Bar Association. [From Peak Scalia | TPM Editors Blog] I wonder if this isn’t […]

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next steps

May 22, 2013

Following up on this post I realize I have a very serious problem: the lack of self-esteem or value makes it hard to sell yourself or your ideas. If your underlying belief system is that everything you say or do is of no consequence, it makes it hard to get through the interview process, assuming […]

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Something I learned today

May 15, 2013

It’s taken me about 40 years to fully (?) process this. “J.T” is a simple, hour-long story of a young boy living in a New York ghetto, but it tackles some weighty issues. [From J.T. Reviews & Ratings – IMDb] I saw this movie right after it came out, so around 1970. The “weighty issues” […]

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