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April 15, 2013

So what happens if, after trying every means of artistic expression – writing, music, drawing, photography – you come to the conclusion you don’t have any ideas to express?

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April 13, 2013

Here’s what I would recommend: If you still use “admin” as a username on your blog, change it ORLY? I’m just lucky that way, I guess. I changed it in the database as there was no way to change it in the UI. But if I’m not the only WordPress user with this problem, then […]

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the guestbook

April 11, 2013

If counting the number of requests for ‘favicon.ico’ is any guide, this site has gotten about 17.5 new visitors per day so far this year. A low of 6 and a high of 62…obviously that 62 is a huge outlier.

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It’s a jungle out there

Well, look at that. One day with a plugin to lock out the script kiddies and three are logged, one blocked. Two of them are listed spammers, like this well-known one. The other is listed at Project Honeypot. Oddly, they list it as no longer active when user comments on the same page say otherwise. […]

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