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links for 2008-03-20

March 20, 2008

Apple May Offer Free Music Access “Apple Inc. is negotiating with record labels over a deal to give iPhone and iPod customers free access to the entire iTunes music library if they pay extra for the devices.” (tags: markets music business apple)

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campaign innuendo, old school style

January 24, 2007

George Smathers – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Although it is sometimes said that Time Magazine reported that Smathers had said, “Are you aware that Claude Pepper is known all over Washington as a shameless extrovert? Not only that, but this man is reliably reported to practice nepotism with his sister-in-law, and he has a sister […]

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nice work if you can get it

January 22, 2007

Usually, this would just get bookmarked but the quoted passage was too good to pass up: In the 1,403 days since the Iraq War started, Bush and the Republicans have controlled both the White House and Congress for 1,386 of them. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have now controlled Congress – but not the White […]

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links for 2007-01-13

January 13, 2007

Film is digital and digital is analog shup up and shoot already! (tags: film photography) Zombie pigs genetically altered to not mind being food didn’t Douglas Adams riff on this? (tags: hhgg food agribusiness books) They say I walk around like I got an S on my chest muy borracho: “We get ours the ski […]

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