noted in passing novel ideas

The Thing

Idea for a comic book/graphic novel for kids with anxiety, depression, OCD, whatever (when we take mental health as seriously and non-judgmentally as physical health, we’ll be better people living in a better society).

The Thing is the disorder or problem and the idea is that the kid (or adult) has to overcome the power of The Thing. It wants you to hide behind it and blame it for problems or mistakes, as a way of keeping you in it’s power: you can’t let it. It wants to tell you what you can’t do, but you have to fight it off, ignore it, tell it to shut up and stop bothering you.

It could be funny, could be creepy, or all of the above. I should get a list of common disorders or issues and see what physical representations work for them: small, simpering creatures or large imposing things, distorted versions of the sufferer, etc.