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Time Capsule wish list

After my PSU replacement/hacking issues, I have been looking into what else can be done with this long-out-of-warranty beast, assuming the cooling issues are resolved, 5 generations on.

  • internal file copying/manipulation, meaning if I copy files from one disk to another, for archiving or to move a sparseimage to a different disk, the copying is done locally, not from disk A over the network, through the computer where the request originated, to disk B which is physically attached. Maybe a limited internal console for file operations or something
  • better SNMP support (CPU usage, temperature, fan usage). Or log it through syslog and we’ll graph it from there
  • SMART status on attached disks. This may require working with vendors or developing their own enclosures…
  • external SATA support, allowing the Time Capsule to support fast SATA transfers, maybe even the ability to attach JBOD or array (Hmm, this may be outside the scope of what most people need but the Time Capsule seems to be the gateway drug to NAS).