what was I thinking?

I was thinking over this story of indeterminate length as I drove back from IKEA (a good stretch of road: had to return the tree we rent each Christmas and spend the $10 deposit) and it struck me: why on earth would I have a lawyer as the protagonist of the story? My experience with that breed doesn’t merit that. And I know too many good lawyer jokes to let that stand (below the fold).

So he now becomes a retired mining engineer which a. opens up a lot of possibilities and b. is a reference to the hero of the first and greatest adventure story of them all, “The 39 Steps,” a book which, to this day, I cannot pick up without reading through. (Just now, I started reading through the e-text while getting the link sorted out.)

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What do you call 1,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?
A good start.

What do you have if you have a lawyer up to their neck in the dirt?
Not enough dirt.

Did you hear about the lawyer who stepped in a cowpie and thought she was melting?