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Written on August 22, 2005

Not much to mumble/grumble about lately. The shortening days of summer (both in length and quantity) have taken precedence over logorrhea.

  • Two families of raccoons have taken residence in the impenetrable thicket in the middle of my block: 2 mother and 2 litters, of 4 and 5. 11 raccoons is too many, but since we have a soft-hearted neighbor who leaves cat food out for them, they don’t know any better.
  • Gardening proceeds nicely. I just discovered the canonical handbook on gardening locally and wish I had grabbed it earlier. I’m not doing too badly — lots of tomatoes on the vine, lots of basil, and some green beans in flower — though it is late. My efforts at harvesting rainwater over the wet months have paid off: I haven’t had to tap into drinking water, with my 250+ gallon reserve on hand. I realized that I was overwatering (automated watering systems are not the boon they could be: they require more management than I realized) and the byproducts were waterlogged vegetables, lot of weeds (broadcast watering helps them too), and astronomical water bills. Next summer should see much better yields.
  • I have been making some money lately doing some freelance system management work, which helps make ends meet around here. So I dropped the shilling for dollars: no ads anymore. My options with Google are to suspend my account and let them hold my earnings or close it and get paid off. I’m leaning toward option b, since it’s unlikely I’ll hit on any sure-fire traffic generating scheme. Hope springs eternal, but even I can take a hint.
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