a city for cars, relying on parking fines/fees vs real commercial activity

I call Seattle a city for cars, not people: I wonder what percentage of the city budget that $7 million represents or what percentage it is as a shortfall?

In total, the latest revenue forecasts predict a $15 million decrease in general fund revenue, driven largely by lower-than-expected payroll tax and parking ticket revenue—both consequences of the slow return to in-person work. A shortage of parking enforcement officers, forcing the city to suspend the collections of parking fines, also explains the parking ticket revenue decline. Parking revenue shortfalls totaled more than $7 million.

As noted previously, downtown Seattle commands an annual rental value of about $1 million/acre. At 500 acres, per the city’s own land use plan, this $7 million shouldn’t be a big deal. But here we are, enslaved to cars and what they need — roads and parking — vs what people need — housing and productive spaces.

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